Allow Non-ISU Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Last modified 2/11/2022

The require authentication setting when enabled will only allow participants with ISU accounts to login and join your meeting. If you are hosting a Zoom meeting with non-ISU participants, the Require Authentication setting will need to be turned off. Turning off this setting will remove the requirement to login prior to joining a meeting.


Once this setting is turned off, it will remain off until it is turned on when scheduling your next meeting. It is recommended that after your non-authenticated meeting ends, schedule a new meeting to turn require authentication on, then delete or cancel the newly created meeting.

New Zoom Meeting

To turn authentication off for a new Zoom meeting, do the following:

  1. Open the Zoom Client.
  2. Click the Schedule icon.
  3. Set your preferred meeting options.
  4. Click Advanced Options.
  5. Uncheck Only authenticated users can join.

Your meeting now allows non-ISU participants to join.

Existing Zoom Meeting

Need to turn the require authentication off for a previously scheduled Zoom meeting?

  1. Open the Zoom Client.
  2. Click Meetings from the top menu.
  3. Locate your meeting in the Upcoming meetings list and click the meeting to show details.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Advanced Options to expand the list.
  6. Uncheck Only authenticated users can join.

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