Configuring Email Reply-To Settings for your Listserv

Last modified 5/1/2023

As a listserv owner, you can control how email replies are handled for your listserv.

Before You Begin

When an email is posted to a listserv, the message is delivered to all listserv members. As the listserv owner, you can change how your listserv will handle replies to those messages by logging in to the Listserv Management website at These instructions explain how to configure a Reply-To address on emails posted to your listserv.

Listserv Reply-To Settings

You have several options for how email replies should be handled:

  • List - Replies are sent back to the listserv address (which means the response will be delivered to all listserv members). This option is good for discussion listservs where you want to allow all listserv members to participate in the conversation.
  • Sender - Replies are sent back to the sender instead of the listserv. This option is good for announcement listservs where you want to personally receive feedback about information you’ve posted to the listserv, but where you don’t want responses to be sent back to all listserv subscribers.
  • Specify - Replies are sent to an email address you specify for your listserv. This option is good for cases where you want to allow the recipient to reply, but you don’t want the response going back to either the listserv or the sender. For example, you could specify an organizational email address as the Reply-To address.
  • Both / None - The Listserv Management website also allows you to choose Both or None as your Reply-To setting. Unless you have a reason to choose one of these options, we recommend you use List, Sender, or Specify instead.

The option you choose should be based on how you intend the listserv to be used.

Change Reply-To Settings for Your Listserv

  1. Login into Listserv Management at
  2. Expand the List Management tab (Figure 1).

    Figure 1:
  3. Click on List Configuration, then select a list from the drop-down box menu (Figure 2).

    Figure 2:

  4. Once a list is selected from the first field, you may scroll down to view the List Header Details.

    The following document describes the allowed parameters:
    1. You can either manually edit, or edit with the Wizard by clicking the related button above the current header.
    2. The "Reply-To=" Attribute needs to either be added or modified and set to the desired configuration.
    3. There is no GUI option for this feature, so owners will need to work with the List Header instead.
      1. Note that the Reply-To Header takes two parameters as the Listserv guide suggests (e.g., Reply-to=List,Respect)

  5. After editing the List Header Details, click the Update button to save your changes (Figure 3).

    Figure 3:

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