uPrint Mobile Printing on Campus

Last modified 3/22/2024

uPrint allows Illinois State University students to upload documents from any computer or mobile device and pick up your prints at any of the 60+ uPrint stations around campus. You can access the uPrint Web Portal at

Upload your Print Job 

uPrint allows you to submit your documents to print in a variety of ways.

  • Black & white or in Color
  • Single or double-sided
  • How many copies you would like/need
  • Page range (e.g. 1-5, 11-13)

To read more about how to submit your print job, please view the following articles: 


Pay and Print 

Where do I pick up my print jobs and how do I pay for them? 

After you send something to print, you can pick up and pay for your print job at any of the uPrint release stations located on campus. To pay for your prints, you must have funds available on your Student Print Allowance or Redbird Card. 

For a complete list of the locations, availability, and specific color/duplex printing capabilities of all on-campus uPrint release stations, please see the following article:

To add funds to your uPrint account, please see the following article:


uPrint Printer Location Map

Downloadable map: uPrint-map-2024.pdf

How to Get Help