Requesting Paper and Toner for a Computer Lab that uses Pharos/uPrint

Last modified 1/24/2023

Technical Solutions (TS) (Formerly Administrative Technologies) supports all printers and print workstations that use the Pharos/uPrint system.

Before You Begin

Many computer labs on campus use the Pharos/uPrint system to manage paid printing. If you are a manager or employee for one of those computer labs, you can request paper and/or toner be delivered to that location.

Technical Solutions supports all printers and print workstations that use the Pharos/uPrint system. The information in this article only pertains to computer labs that use the Pharos/uPrint system.

Request Paper and Toner

To request paper or toner for a printer in a computer lab on campus, first verify that printing in the computer lab is handled by the Pharos/uPrint system. Then contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 or submit a ticket at

Be sure to provide the following information:

  • Your name and ULID.
  • Phone number where you can be reached.
  • Computer lab location (building and room).
  • Indicate that the computer lab uses the Pharos/uPrint system.
  • A description of your request (i.e. need paper, need toner, etc.).
  • For toner requests, you must also indicate the make and model of the printer.

The Support Center will create an Incident for this request and will send it to our uPrint/Pharos admins in the campus trouble ticket system. A staff member will deliver the requested paper or toner to the computer lab location.

Getting Help

For technical assistance, or to report an issue with a Pharos/uPrint station, contact the Technology Support Center by phone at (309) 438-4357 or submit a ticket at

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