Campus Computer Labs

Last modified 1/24/2023

The University offers a wide selection of computer labs to students – utilize these spaces for a place to focus, access software you need for class, and print. Some applications available in computer labs are also available virtually at, see a list of those applications: Virtual Computer Labs Available to Students

ID Update

Returning students, former students, and those with older IDs, if your ISU Redbird ID card has not been updated to the new card you will not have access to the Campus Computer Labs. Please go to the Redbird Card Office to get your Redbird Card Updated. 

General Use Computer Labs 

These campus computer labs are open for general student use. 

Creative Commons* 

Location: Center for Visual Arts 138 
Hours of Operation: 8a-9p M-Th, 8a-2p F, 2p-6p Su

Milner Library* 

Location: Various throughout the library building, including Milner computer lab 213B and floors 2, 3, 4, and 6 
Hours of Operation: 
Website with More Information: Library Workstations | Milner Library - Illinois State
Borrow a Laptop at Milner: Laptop Checkout | Milner Library - Illinois State

State Farm Hall of Business 22* 

Location: State Farm Hall of Business 22 
Hours of Operation: 

Monday - 7:45 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday - 7:45 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday - 7:45 AM to 9 PM
Thursday - 7:45 AM to 8:15 PM
Friday - 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM

Specific Use Computer Labs 

These campus computer labs are open for student use, but in some cases the labs may be reserved for students in certain majors or classes. 


Location: Fell Hall 102 
Hours of Operation: 8a-4:30p MW, 8a-11a & 12:15p-2p & 3:15p-4:30p TuTh, 8a-1p & 3p-4:30p F 

Location: Fell Hall 108 
Hours of Operation: 8a-9:30a & 11a-4:30p MW, 8a-9:30a & 3:15p-4:30p TuTh, 8a-4:30p F 

Criminal Justice Sciences 

Location: SCH 217 
Hours: 1am-9:30pm M, 8am-4:30pm T, 8am-7pm W, 10:30am-5:30pm TH, 9:30am-2pm F
Type: Department lab.  Closed to the public
Open to all? NO.  Criminal Justice Sciences majors only.
Printing: Pharos


Location: Stevenson Hall 438
Hours of Operation: 8:30a-9:30a and 11a-4:30p MW, 8a-4:30p TuThF 
Location: Stevenson Hall 440 
Hours of Operation: 8:00a-4:30p MWF, 8:00a-9:30a and 11a-4:30p TuTh 

Kinesiology & Recreation* 

Location: Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall 174 and Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall 175 
Hours of Operation: 8a-9p M-F 

Department of Agriculture (AGR)*
Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)*
Department of Technology (TEC)*

Location: Turner Hall 206 Computer Lab 
Hours of Operation: Faculty/Staff/Student ID access Monday – Friday 7:30a – When the building is locked by security. Weekend availability can be scheduled by request. 

Location: Turner Hall 171 Computer Lab
Hours of Operation: Faculty/Staff/Student ID access Monday – Friday 7:30a – When the building is locked by security after the last scheduled event in the building. Weekend availability can be scheduled by request.


Location: Moulton Hall 307C 
Hours of Operation: 8a-5p M-F 
Other Information: Open to majors and minors only 

School of Information Technology 

Locations: Old Union 129, Old Union 132, Old Union 133, Old Union 134, and Old Union 140 
Hours of Operation: 8a-10p M-Th, 8a-3p F, 2p-10p Su 

Studio Teach* 

Location: DeGarmo Hall 307/308 
Hours of Operation: 9a-8p M-Th, 10a-4p F 

STV250 Suite* 

Location: Stevenson Hall 250 
Hours of Operation: 7:45a-6:30p M-Th, 7:45a-3:05p F 

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