University ID (UID) Number

Last modified 2/7/2022

Your University ID Number is a unique 9-digit number that identifies you at Illinois State University. 

Your UID Number 

Your University Identification (UID) Number is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies you at Illinois State University. Your UID Number is printed on your Redbird Card. 

To find your UID, please refer to How to Find your UID Number in  

What is my UID Number used for? 

Your UID Number is used for all business internal to the University. For example, your UID Number is used to track your academic progress at Illinois State. You also need your UID Number to activate your ULID account (to get access to email, computer labs, etc.). 

For questions and assistance with your UID Number, contact the Registrar Service Center in Moulton Hall 107 or by phone at (309) 438-2188 or visit the Office of the University Registrar UID Information page 

Your UID Number, ULID, and Social Security Number 

Since they have similar acronyms, it can be easy to confuse your UID Number and your ULID. Your UID Number is also similar to your Social Security Number. 

  • UID Number (University Identification Number): A nine-digit number that uniquely identifies you at Illinois State University. Your UID Number is functionally similar to your Social Security Number.
  • ULID (User Logon Identification): ULID stands for University Logon ID. Your ULID is the first part of your email address, and it’s also the user name you should use to log on to university computers and services (e.g., Reggie Redbird's ULID = rredbir1).
  • Social Security Number: Illinois State University uses your Social Security Number (SSN) when dealing with offices and agencies outside the University, such as for insurance, benefits, financial aid, loans, etc. 

For more information on your ULID account review ULID Accounts and How Do I Activate my Account? 

Still Need Assistance? 

If you need further assistance with your UID Number or ULID account, please contact the Technology Support Center by calling (309) 438-4357, or by email at 

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