Changing your ULID Password

Last modified 2/4/2022

You are required to change your ULID (University Login ID) password every 180 days (6 months) and can do so even if your password is expired.


If you change your password after it has expired, it may take up to two hours to sync to Microsoft (Office) 365 (including email). Other services will remain unaffected. What this means is that you will be unable to log in to your email and other Microsoft 365 applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for up to 2 hours while your new password is synced. All other sites, such as ReggieNet and MY will be available right away. If you do try logging in during this sync time, you will be told that your Account is Locked, and to contact your Admin team. This is a bit misleading, as we are unable to shorten the time required for the password to sync, so you will need to try logging in when at least 1 hour has passed since you last updated your expired password. 

Before You Begin

Your ULID password is used to access most online services and systems at Illinois State University.

You are required to change your ULID password every 180 days (6 months). You will receive email notifications informing that you need to change your password by a certain date. If you fail to change your password by such a date, your password will expire.

The instructions below describe how to change your password (if you know what your current password is). If you do not know your current password or have forgotten it, please refer to:

Change Your Password

To change your ULID password, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Account Management Portal at
  2. Enter your ULID and Password and click Log In.
  3. On the ULID Account Management page, click on the Change link next to Password (Figure 1).

    Figure 1:
    ULID Account Management page
  4. On the Change My Password screen, enter your new password twice (Figure 2), then click Continue. Password requirements are displayed on this page.
  5. A message will appear stating the password was successfully changed
  • You can log into Account Management even if your password is expired.
  • You may click the asterisk * button next to each password field to see the characters you have entered.

You will need to manually update your new password for individual campus services following a password reset. For more information regarding this, please refer to:


If you are resetting your password AFTER it has already expired, it will take 1-2 hours before you will be able to access your ISU email account. All other ISU sites should be accessible right away.

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may Submit a Help Ticket, or contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

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