Software Catalog

Software Catalog - A - Z

The Software Catalog (formerly the Service and Software Catalog) has been refreshed to include only software that has been reviewed for use with university accounts, systems, networks, and/or data. Software included in this list may be acquired and/or accessed as described on the page for each piece of software, with no further review required. The Software Under Review list includes software that has been requested and is currently being reviewed. More information about the academic software request process is available at Requesting Academic Software.

The Software Catalog is a work in progress

There are many more software titles in use at the university than are present currently in the Software Catalog. Software is being added to the catalog as its status is verified. Software purchased recently will have gone through a review process, but may not yet be reflected in the Software Catalog. In addition, reviews of software are based on the specific use cases relevant to the requesting department, and so it is possible for the software you wish to use to have been reviewed recently for a different use case than your usage would be. In such cases, a partial review may be necessary but would likely be less time-consuming. Consult Academic Software Use Cases to determine where an academic software request should be submitted.

Reviewed Software by Name