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Software Catalog - Microsoft 365

Available ToFaculty/Staff, Students, University Affiliates, Retirees
Type of SoftwareLocal Installation Software, Web App, Mobil App
DescriptionEmail, calendaring, OneDrive storage space, and access to desktop and/or online versions (based on specific University affiliation) of the Office suite applications.
How to Request

Microsoft 365 is University-level software available to all by default.

Incoming students may not have access until closer to their initial course registration date.

University sponsored guests who have been given a sponsored ULID account will only have access if their faculty/staff sponsor indicates the need for the MS 365 access at the time the guest ULID account is requested. More information about this can be found at: Sponsored Accounts

How to Access

University affiliates with M365 accounts may log in to their accounts at the website.

Log in to Microsoft 365:

Accessibility Information

Not currently available

More Information Additional Information: Microsoft 365 Overview
How To Get Help Please contact the Technology Support Center:
By Phone: (309)438-4357
By Email: