Viewing To Do List Items

Last modified 9/22/2023

To Do List items in My Illinois State are tasks assigned to you by Illinois State University or one of its departments or colleges.

Before You Begin

As a student at Illinois State University, you may be required at different times to complete tasks required by the University or by a department or college. For example, you may be required to submit a parent’s tax return as part of the financial aid application process. There are many different tasks you could be required to complete.

Tasks that have been assigned to you and which you are required to complete appear in your To Do List in My Illinois State. These To Do List items may have due dates associated with them. If you fail to complete a To Do List item by its due date, a Hold might be placed on your student account. Holds can prevent you from doing certain things like registering for classes until they are resolved.

View To Do List in My Illinois State

To view your To Do List items in My Illinois State, do the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Locate the To Do box which is listed under Account Notifications (figure 1).

Figure 1:

  1. Click a To Do Item link to view the item details (figure 2).

Figure 2:

  1. The next page will display information regarding the To Do item.
  2. When you are finished, click the Home button in the top menu bar to return to the My Illinois State home page.

How to Get Help

Applying to ISU

If you are interested in applying to attend Illinois State University, please click on the following link

. This page will provide more information on how to apply for prospect students.