View Milestones and Teacher Gateways in the Student Center

Last modified 5/24/2023

All students that are in programs that lead to initial teacher education licensure at Illinois State University are required to meet certain Milestone and Teacher Gateway requirements in order to advance into and complete their Student Teaching programs.

If you are a Teacher Education student, you can view your Milestone and Teacher Gateway requirements and monitor your progress toward completion in the Student Center.


View Milestones and Teacher Gateways

To view your Milestones and Teacher Gateways in the Student Service Center, do the following:

Off Campus Authentication Note

If you are off campus, Campus Solutions will require an MFA request approval. Follow this link to set up your MFA if you still need to. MFA Info/Setup

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Campus Solutions button.
  3. Click the Milestones/Teacher Education tile.
  4. The Milestone List page will display a list of your milestones and the status of each.
    • To view milestone details, click the Milestone link for the milestone you wish to view.
    • The Milestone List Details page will display the following details: Milestone Level, Status, Academic Institution, Academic Program, and Academic Career.
    • Click OK to return to the Milestone List page.
  5. You can click the Academic Institution, Academic Career, Academic Program, and Milestone drop-down menus to select criteria to narrow the Milestones displayed in your list.
  6. To view Gateway information, click the Milestone drop-down menu to select the Gateway you wish to view. Then click the Go button.

The Milestone List will now display only Milestones for the Gateway you selected. When you are finished viewing your Milestone List, click the Student Center link at the top of the page to return to the Student Center main page.


How to Get Help 

To get help with Milestones and Teacher Gateways, please contact the Cecilia J Lauby Teacher Education Center at 309-438-3541 or

To get help with the Student Center portal, please contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 or


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