Plan a Change of Major in the Student Center

Last modified 9/22/2023

Students enrolled can view details about a new major by running a “What-If Report” in the Student Center.

Before You Begin

If you are a student, you use the “What If” report in the Student Center to plan a change to your major. The “What If” report allows you to see the details of a new major, including required and elective classes needed.

For example, “What if I became a Biology major? What classes would I need to take?”

Off Campus Authentication Note

Logging in to the Student Center will require 2-factor Authentication (MFA) if you are off campus and not using ISUNet as your Internet Service Provider. Follow this link to set up your MFA if you still need to. MFA Info/Setup

Run a What-If Report in the Student Service Center

To run a “What If” report in the Student Center, do the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Campus Solutions link.
  3. Click the Academics/Advising tile.
  4. Click the Advising and Planning section.
  5. Under the Advising and Planning section, click What if I Change Majors.
  6. On the What-If Report/What-If Report Selection page, click Create New Report.
  7. On the What-If Report/Create What-If Scenario page, locate the Career Scenario section and click the drop-down menu under Career to select a major you want to learn more about.
  8. Locate the Program Scenario section and click the drop-down menus in the Academic Program, Area of Study, and Concentration columns to select the desired criteria.
  9. Locate the Course Scenario section and click the browse course catalog link if you wish to add courses to your what-if scenario.
  10. The My Planner/Course Detail page displays information about the course, including Career, credit hour Units, Grading Basis, Course Components, Campus, Academic Group, Academic Organization, and a detailed course description.
    1.  To view available class sections of the course, click the view class sections button.
    2.  The Course Schedule section appears beneath Course Detail and displays scheduled class sections of the course for the current semester.
    3.  To view class sections of the course for a different term, click the Terms Offered drop-down menu and select the term you would like to view (figure 8).
    4.  If the term you want to view is not listed, information for that term may not yet be available, or that course may not be scheduled.
    5. To view detailed information about a class section, click the link under the Section column for the section you want to view.
    6. The My Planner/Class Details page displays information about that class section, including Class DetailsMeeting InformationClass Availability, class Description, and Textbook information.
    7. If you are currently eligible to register for classes for the term you are searching, you can use the Select button next to the class section to add the class to your shopping cart. For more information, please refer to Registering for Classes at Illinois State University.
  11. When you have completed making selections for your what-if scenario, click the Submit Request.

On the What-If Report page, the results of your report will be displayed.

    • To view your report as a PDF, click the view report as pdf button.

When you have finished viewing your What-If Report, click the Student Center link at the top of the page to return to the Student Service Center.

More Information

When you run a “What If” report, you will see graduation requirements and major/minor requirements.

Graduation Requirements

The Graduation Requirements section is displayed near the top of the report. This section details minimum GPA and credit hour requirements for graduation, as well as your progress toward completion of these requirements.

Major/Minor Requirements

The remainder of the report displays the GPA requirements, as well as the required courses and elective course options for each major or minor you included in your What-If scenario. The report will also display any courses you have taken that count toward completion of these requirements, as well as those that you have yet to complete.

How to Get Help