Share LiveText Documents with non-LiveText Users

Last modified 12/15/2021

Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff use LiveText by Watermark to manage key assessments throughout the Teacher Education experience.
You may want to share documents you created with others who are not registered users of LiveText.

Create a Visitor Pass

  1. Log in to LiveText at with your LiveText Username and Password.
  2. Select Tools →  Visitor Passes →  New.
  3. Enter the Title of the Visitor Pass and Save.
  4. Record the Visitor Pass code to share with future viewers. The code can always be found again under Tools →  Visitor Passes.

Indicate Which Documents Will Be Shared

  1. LiveText Docs Title of desired document →  Share this document.
  2. Select Advanced Sharing Options →  Visitors.
  3. From dropdown menu, choose the correct Visitor Pass →  Add.
  4. Repeat to add as many documents as desired.

Use the Visitor Pass to View Documents

  1. Go to and click Visitor Pass at the top of the page.
  2. Type the Pass Code into the box and click Enter.

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