How to Select a Room in the Housing and Dining Portal

Last modified 5/7/2024

You can reserve a room in which to live for the academic year through the Housing & Dining Application portal.

Before You Begin

This article describes how to select a room as part of the Housing & Dining application process. Keep in mind, if you have already selected a roommate, you will need to coordinate with them to be sure you both agree with the selections. Specific information (room layouts, amenities, etc..) for each residence hall can be found here.

Select a Room

To select a room through the Housing & Dining Application portal, please do the following:

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your ULID and password.
    • If you have problems logging in, you can regain access to your account by completing the account recovery process.
    • If you are unable to complete the account recovery process, please contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 for assistance.
  3. Select Student Life
  4. Click on Submit Housing/Dining Contract
  5. On the Select Term page, select your existing application and click Save & Continue.
  6. Navigate to the Room Selection page using the progress bar at the top of the screen.
  7. On the Room Selection page, click the Room Search Wizard link in the upper-right of the page.
  8. On the Room Search Wizard Building page, scroll down to view the available building options and select the link for the building in which you would like to find an available room.
  9. The Room Search Wizard Section page displays available floors within the selected building, as well as how many rooms for a given number of occupants are available. Review the information and select the floor on which you would like to find an available room. Click Save & Continue.
  10. The Room Search Wizard Rooms page displays available room information for the selected floor, including room numbers, occupant gender, number of beds in the room, and number of beds currently available. Select a room and click Save & Continue.
  11. On the Room Search Wizard Beds page, click the My Bed drop-down menu to select a bed from the available beds in the room. Click Reserve Beds.
  12. On the Room Selection page, review the room information displayed.

You have now reserved a room and a bed. If your application is complete, you may click on the Application Status link at the top of the screen to view your application status. If not, you may now complete your application.

Important: If you experience difficulties reserving a room, please ensure:

  • You are selecting a room with the correct amount of available spaces for you and your roommate(s).
  • You are selecting a room for the appropriate gender (you will see all options).
  • You are selecting a room for the correct term (others will display as well).

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