Log-in Error when using SendTo off-campus

Last modified 10/26/2022

If you are off-campus, and/or not connected to “isunet” you will be presented with an error when logging into

  • This error will be presented after entering your ULID and Password into the provided fields and clicking the Login button.
  • Incorrect username image
  • To prevent this error from happening and to access SendTo when off-campus, you will want to click on the SSO Login button instead.
  • Click the SSO button image
  • Once you have clicked SSO Login, you will be taken to the “Central Log-in” page. Here you will enter your ULID and Password like you would for any other ISU site with Central Log-in.
  • Login with SSO image
  • After entering your ULID and Password, you will then be taken to SendTo.
  • You will be logged in after

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