Creating a Contact List

Last modified 2/21/2022

In Microsoft 365 Outlook on the web, use the People app to create, edit, or delete contact lists. A contact list is a collection of contacts or people (also known as a distribution list). You can send an email message to a contact list. When you send the message, it goes to all of the people in the list at the same time.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the People icon
    People App Icon Image
  3. At the top of the page (above Favorites), click the drop-down arrow next to New Contact and choose New Contact List.
  4. Enter a Name for your Contact List in the Contact List Name field.
  5. Enter the Name, ULID, or Email Address of a contact you would like to be part of the Contact List.
    6a. Staff/Faculty users will auto-populate as you enter information.
  6. Add a Description to summarize your list (e.g., Gaming Group).
  7. Click Create
    Adding users to a Contact List


How to Get Help

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