Accessing Your Calendar in Canvas

Last modified 9/29/2023

The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list

Opening your Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

In the navigation bar, you can choose to view the calendar in Week, Month, or Agenda view. The view you choose dictates the style of the calendar window. By default, the calendar appears in Month view.

By default, the first 10 course and group calendars will be selected and appear in the calendar view. To hide a calendar, click the box next to the name of the calendar. Calendars that are not active within the calendar view display as faded text.

Note: Canvas will assign an arbitrary color for each calendar unless a custom color is chosen. Each calendar contains 15 default colors, but you can insert a Hex code to create any color of your choice. Colors set in Dashboard course cards also update in the calendar.

You can add items to your calendar with the plus sign in the top right corner or by clicking the day on the calendar. 

add event button image

Clicking on Calendar will allow students to see upcoming assignments and can filter by course. 

Clicking the boxes next to the course will allow the student to filter what courses assignments they will see on the Calendar

Viewing and Completed Items on the Calendar

When an assignment has been completed or submitted it will be crossed off automatically in Canvas and shown on the calendar. 

Completed item on the calendar

Viewing the Calendar List 

Each calendar view shows any assignments or events that have been added to the calendar. You can add events and to-do items to your personal calendar at any time in the navigation bar by clicking the Add button.

Add Calendar Items

Viewing Undated Events and Assignments 

In your calendar view on the right-hand side will be a dropdown list of events or assignments that have no dates attached. 

Viewing undated events

Logging in to Canvas

Canvas Video Guide

Additional Sources For Help 

How to Get Help

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