Accessing Quizzes and Tests in Canvas

Last modified 9/27/2023

  1. Go to Canvas and open the course you need to take a test or quiz 
  2. Follow the instructions below to view and take your quizzes or tests. 

  • How to find your Quiz or Test

  1. Select Quizzes from the left-hand Course Navigation menu (Image 1),  or select the quiz title from your To Do list in your Dashboard, or select your Quiz from your Calendar (Image 2) 
    1. Image 1

    2. Image 2
  2. Select the quiz you need to take if you chose to get to the quiz by the Quizzes link.

  • Quiz or Test information

After clicking on a quiz or test you will see the quiz information that will give you the following information (Image 3):

  • Time Limit
  • Due Date
  • Instructions
  • If multiple attempts are allowed
  • And the button to begin taking the quiz or test

Image 3

To begin taking the quiz select the Begin button

  • Taking the Quiz or Test

Each quiz can look different depending on the instructors settings for the quiz. 

  • You could see a side bar with the questions listed and the ability to pin a question to come back to (Image 4), or you may only see each individual question as you take the quiz
    • Image 4

    • The time remaining if the quiz has a time limit will be at the top (Image 4)
  • To view questions you've pinned to come back to later selected the pinned button (Image 5)
    • Image 5

  • If you leave the quiz, or get logged out, you may be able resume taking the quiz, by returning to it and selecting the Resume button (Image 6)
    • Image 6
  • Select the Submit button at the end of the quiz to submit your answers and complete your quiz
  • After you select the first Submit button, you will get a Confirm Submission pop-up, where you will need to select Submit (Image 7)
    • Image 7

  • Completed Quiz

At the end of your quiz you may get some results depending on your quiz question types and how your instructor has the quiz set up. 

  • Some question types are automatically graded
  • Some question types require review before they can be graded
  • Some instructors will not allow you to see the results at the end until they have graded it all
  • Results can show how many questions you got right 
    • Questions that must be manually graded will not show as correct, or count towards your score until they are graded
  • Some instructors will allow you to see which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong
  • The amount of time it took you to take the quiz
  • The number of attempts you may have remaining, if your instructor allows multiple attempts 
  • If you have more attempts you may select the Take Now button to take the quiz again (Image 8)
    • Image 8

Logging in to Canvas

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How to Get Help

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