Problems with Specific Question Types in Qualtrics

Last modified 9/19/2023

The following question types are known to cause issues for Qualtrics survey takers with disabilities for a variety of reasons. Each section contains an example of each question type as well as the known issue.

Likert Matrix

The Likert Matrix question type consists of a grid of radio buttons.

Known Issue

When viewing this question type on a desktop, ensure that your browser window is set to the full width of the screen. If the window is narrow, Qualtrics will switch to mobile view. VoiceOver is unable to interact with the matrix options in mobile view.

Bipolar Matrix

Bipolar Matrix questions consist of a descriptive label followed by a row of unlabeled radio buttons which is followed by a second label. The purpose of this question is to allow users to answer a question within a range of options.

Known Issue

The lack of labels on the middle buttons make the question difficult to interpret. JAWS reads two right-hand descriptors for each line; it reads the descriptor for the line above it before reading the descriptor for that line.

Drill-Down Questions

Drill-Down questions are a series of drop-down boxes where each successive drop-down box only shows its contents once you have selected an item from the preceding list.

Known Issue

VoiceOver reads the page header instead of the drop-down box the first time it is selected

Multiple Choice: Multi Select Box

The Multi Select Box subtype of the Multiple Choice question type contains a list of items from which multiple options can be selected.

Known Issue

It is not clear that these boxes allow multiple selections, so the function is unclear to screen reader users. Additionally, it is impossible to select answers that are not adjacent to each other using a keyboard only.

Matrix: MaxDiff

The MaxDiff subtype of the Matrix question is meant for use when there are two contrasting opinions someone might have on various items. For example, typical column titles are Like and Dislike.

Known Issue

MaxDiff matrix questions have a confusing structure to screen reader users. Visually, there should only be 3 columns: a left-side descriptor such as Like, a middle column with the row names, and a right-side descriptor such as Dislike. However, screen reader users will encounter 7 columns, 4 of which are blank. Additionally, the row names are read as clickable, but they do not have a clickable function.

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