Logging into the Illinois State Qualtrics Survey Platform for the First Time

Last modified 9/19/2023


Illinois State has adopted Qualtrics as the online survey software available to all faculty, staff, and students. Qualtrics provides an online service for software used to generate web-based surveys, store the results of those surveys, and offer basic statistical analysis of the results of those surveys. Qualtrics replaces Select Survey as the online survey platform for use by members of the ISU community for research and instruction.

Logging in to Qualtrics for the first time

  1. Navigate to in the browser of your preference.
  2. In the Central Login window, enter your ULID and password into the appropriate fields and click Sign In.
  3. You will now see a Qualtrics box that says, "This seems to be the first time you are logging in to Qualtrics." Click on No, I don't have a preexisting account here (Figure 1).

    Figure 1:

    Screenshot depicting the initial Qualtrics Landing screen
  4. You will now be presented with a Terms of Service window. Scroll through the terms, and click I Accept (Figure 2).


    Qualtrics' Terms of Service adheres to the guidelines set forth in ISU Policy 7.1.40 (, therefore has been pre-approved by ISU and should remove any doubt about whether or not to accept these terms.

    Figure 2:

    Screenshot depicting the Qualtrics Terms of Service pane with the I Accept button at the bottom-right

  5. You will now see the Create A Project window. By default, New, Blank Project is selected. Enter a Project Name and select a Folder from the drop-down (Figure 3). Then click the Create Project button to get started, or click Cancel to go directly to your My Projects landing page.

    Figure 3:

    Screenshot depicting the Create a Project pane
  6. You should now see the project window where you can begin creating your survey (Figure 4).

    Figure 4:

    Screenshot depicting the Project pane


For information on whether your survey requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to deployment, please refer to Research Ethics and Compliance Human Subjects Research site:

Program Assessment

If you are looking at program assessment, please contact the University Assessment Office. They offer the service of consulting, designing, creating, implementing, and evaluating your assessments.

They also ensure that the assessments fit into your accreditation, program reviews, and more

For more help with creating your survey, collaborating with others, and general Qualtrics help, visit the following articles on the Qualtrics Support site:


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