Collaborating with Others on a Qualtrics Survey

Last modified 9/14/2023

Sometimes you want to share your project with someone, but not offer them full functionality and options. In these instances, you can use the Qualtrics sharing feature. For example, if you have students working on your project, you can share the project with their Qualtrics account, giving them permission to view the survey results, but not to edit the survey.

For more information on how you can collaborate with colleagues or students, please refer to the following Qualtrics knowledge base articles:


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Transferring Survey Ownership

As mentioned, survey owners – or, those who created the survey – have full editing capabilities with the created survey(s) and they can control how much access collaborator(s) can have. 

However, if a survey owner is no longer with the university, we highly recommend a collaborator (or another Qualtrics user) be given survey ownership so that someone still at Illinois State University has full survey ownership. Submit a ticket at Get IT Help with the following information:

  1. Name of the Qualtrics survey
  2. The previous survey owner
  3. The previous survey owner's username (ULID) 
  4. The name of the new survey owner
  5. The new survey owner's username (ULID) 

Submitting a ticket to transfer survey ownership can be done before or after the survey owner has left their position. Surveys and their data are stored in our Qualtrics site and not deleted, even if the survey owner has left; as a result, transferring survey ownership after the original survey owner can be completed after they left.

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