Adding a Qualtrics Survey to your Website

Last modified 9/20/2023

Request the Plugin

In order to have a Qualtrics survey on your
 website you must have the Qualtrics Plugin activated. To request the Qualtrics Survey Plugin be activated on your site you will need to submit a request by contacting the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, by email at, or via Live text at

Add a Qualtrics Survey to your Website

After the Qualtrics Survey Plugin has been activated follow the steps below to add your Qualtrics survey to your website.

  1. To add a Qualtrics survey to your CampusPress site, click Add block in your CampusPress dashboard (Figure 1).

    Figure 1:

    Screenshot depicting the Add block option on the Campus Press Dashboard
  2. Add the Classic block which can be found under the formatting section of the block menu (Figure 2).

    Figure 2:

    Screenshot of the Block menu, featuring the Classic option
  3. Paste your Qualtrics survey URL into the block and it will turn into your survey

Resizing your Survey

If the size of your survey is not correct, it can be changed within your site dashboard. Follow the steps below to fix any sizing errors:

  • Hover over My Sites in the top left.
  • Hover over your site name.
    • Most commonly this will be your ULID, or name of your organization
  • Select Dashboard.
  • Select Settings on the left.
  • Select Qualtrics Settings.
  • Change the width to 400%.
    • You can adjust this number as necessary for your particular survey, but 400% is a good starting point for most resizing issues.

How to Get Help