ULID Change Request Process

Last modified 1/24/2023

ULID Changes at Illinois State University are permitted in three circumstances:

  • In the event of a legal name change, the owner would like their ULID to reflect their new name (marriage/divorce/etc.).


    Before submitting your ULID request change form please make sure that you first updated your legal name with Human Resources if you're an employee and the Registrar's Office if you're a student. The legal name change is required FIRST before a ULID change can be processed. 

  • In the event of an existing ULID inadvertently conveying an offensive meaning.
  • In the event of a court order for the protection of a student/employee.

Submitting ULID change request

Once you have confirmed your name change has been processed by the respective office, create a ticket through Fill in the appropriate information and add the following in the empty bottom field.

  • Current ULID
  • Requested change
  • Previous legal name (if applicable)
  • New Legal name (if applicable)
  • Is your current ULID account in use? Is it not in use?
  • Target date for when the change needs to be complete


This process can take several days as multiple teams are involved in a ULID change.