Improving Accessibility with CampusPress

Last modified 2/16/2022

CampusPess is a website system used for, some departments, small organizations, and temporary events. You do not need knowledge of coding to build and edit websites to use CampusPress. The web editor for CampusPress has features built-in to help you create accessible web content.


Headings are very important help people navigate the content of your document. These are tend to be large and bold text. Though they sometimes could be a colored font, too.

Just making your headings visually big and bold is not enough. You need to add the underlying structure telling other technologies that "this text is a heading" and how this heading fits with other headings in your document. With the CampusPress Text editor, you can easily format your headings.

For more information on structuring your headings, check out our Headings Overview.


Numbered and bulleted lists help break up paragraphs. If you find yourself using more than three commas to list things off in a sentence, try using a bulleted list instead so it is easier to scan for information.

When the list is formatted as a list, it is also easy to scan with assistive technologies. A screen reader will tell a person when they are entering and exiting the list instead of listening to the list as if it were a run-on sentence with dashes.

Create lists in CampusPress

Links let people jump to a new location in the current document, open a web site, or open another webpage in the same site. By linking text you can allow people navigate around or away from your webpage. The words in a text link should clearly convey where you are taking a person if they select the link.

Ensure any media linked to from your webpage is provided in accessible formats.

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