Last modified 2/11/2022

Interactive web and document forms allow people to use a computer and assistive technology to fill-out the form fields.

All interactive forms should have these key considerations:

  • Be logical and easy to use
  • Keyboard operable
  • Associate form labels with form controls or use help text features to note labels for assistive technology 

Web Forms

Formstack Forms

We strongly suggest you use Formstack to build online forms for your websites. Faculty and staff may request access to the Formstack application.

Qualtrics Research Surveys

The  Qualtrics Survey Platform  offers ways to design and create research questionnaires. Some question types may not be accessible. Choose question types carefully and review the Accessibility Considerations for Survey Creators in Qualtrics article for more information.

Accessible Question Types

  • Descriptive Text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matrix (except Bipolar and Maxdiff)
  • Text Entry
  • Side by Side
  • Drill Down
  • Timing
  • Meta Info
  • File upload

Inaccessible Question Types

  • Graphic
  • Slider
  • Rank Order
  • Bipolar Matrix
  • Maxdiff Matrix
  • Constant Sum
  • Pick, Group, and Rank
  • Hot Spot
  • Heat Map
  • Graphic Slider
  • GAP Analysis
  • Net Promoter┬« Score
  • Captcha Verification

Web Form and Survey Help

If for some reason you need to use a form not designed in Formstack or a survey not created in Qualtrics, please contact  WEB for assistance with accessibility.

Digital Document Forms

Digital document forms created in Accessible Documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Pro need special consideration to ensure the forms can be used with keyboard-only actions and assistive technologies.