Cancel your Housing or Meal Plan Contract

Last modified 10/21/2021

Under certain circumstances, you may cancel your Illinois State University housing contract or your meal plan contract.

Before You Begin

Depending on your specific circumstances, there are a few reasons you might be allowed to cancel your housing contract or your meal plan contract. These reasons are outlined by University Housing Services and Campus Dining Services, respectively. Note that these are two separate contracts. If you want to cancel both, you will need to complete the process described below for each contract.

Cancellation Request

Contract cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent to the appropriate office.

  • To cancel your housing contract, send your cancellation request to University Housing Services, Campus Box 2600, Normal, IL 61790-2600.
  • To cancel your meal plan contract, send your cancellation request to Campus Dining Services, Campus Box 2610, Normal, IL 61790-2610.

In both cases, University Housing Services or Campus Dining Services will acknowledge receipt of the request within ten business days.

Important: If acknowledgement is not received within ten business days, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the appropriate office.

All contract cancellation requests received and acknowledged will be reviewed, and a written response will be sent to the student.

More Information

For details on canceling your housing contract or your meal plan contract, including specified reasons and associated fees, as well as links to various cancellation forms, please refer to the following:

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