Alcohol Wise

Last modified 9/20/2023

All students at Illinois State University registered for one or more hours are required to take the Alcohol Wise online course. 

  • Alcohol Wise: addresses common issues regarding alcohol use at Illinois State  

For more information on the individual courses please view 

How to Access the Alcohol Wise Course

Students will receive an email notifying them that the courses will be available in their Task List accessed through from Health Promotion and Wellness. 

If you have not received the email, be sure to check your Junk email folder.  

If you have enabled the Outlook setting Focused Inboxalso check your Focused Inbox, and Other Inbox by selecting the tabs Focused and Other located at the top of your email list.  

Alternatively, you can also check your Tasks in to see if the trainings are listed there for you to complete.   

For Questions Regarding the Courses 

If you are having issues or have other questions regarding the courses, you may contact Health Promotion and Wellness at (309) 438-WELL (9355), or by email at For more information, please view 

If you have not received an email from 3rd Millennium Classrooms and believe you should have, you may contact 3rd Millennium at the link provided at the bottom of the following website:

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