Self-Service Guest Wireless Access for Conference Attendees

Last modified 2/15/2022

Follow the directions below to register yourself on Illinois State University's guest wireless network.


You must be on campus and within range of ISU's wireless access points before continuing.

  1. Navigate to your phone or computer's WIFI settings and select the isunet-StartHere wireless access point.
  2. Open your browser of choice (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).


    Some browsers may block the redirection to the Illinois State Login page. If this occurs, you will need to manually type the URL into the address bar. The URL to type in is

  3. If you are not directed to the wireless portal automatically, navigate to any website of your choosing, such as
  4. From the wireless access portal, select Request a guest wireless account.
  5. Enter your full name and US cell phone number in the appropriate fields.
  6. To view the terms of use, you may click on the link to review them. If you agree, put a check mark in the box.
  7. Click or touch the Register button to complete your registration.
  8. Your username and password will arrive via SMS text to the phone number you provided. Use the link in the text to go to the login page, or if you prefer, navigate to on your computer's web browser.
  9. Enter your username and password from the text and press the Log In button. (You may be required to check the box to accept the terms of use.)
  10. You are now connected to the isunet-StartHere wireless network.


Your access will only be good until 11:59PM on the day that you create your access. If your conference lasts more than 1 day, please be sure to repeat this process each day that the conference lasts.

Getting Help

For technical assistance, contact the Technology Support Center by phone at (309) 438-4357 or by email at

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