Removing Unwanted Programs in Windows

Last modified 2/11/2022

These instructions explain how to remove (uninstall) unwanted applications in Windows.

Before You Begin

You should periodically review the applications installed on your computer and remove unwanted applications. This can help speed up your computer and can resolve other performance problems.

There are several steps you should take when cleaning an infected computer. We recommend you review all the steps involved. Refer to Scan Your Computer Using Malwarebytes

Viruses and Other Malware

If your computer is infected with malware (like viruses and spyware), you may be able to easily remove them. Even if malware persists on your computer after following these instructions, this is a good first step.

Here are a few examples of unwanted programs you should remove from your system:

  • URL Assistant
  • Browser error redirector
  • Service Offers Launcher
  • Advertisement Launcher
  • Browser helper
  • Bonzi Buddy
  • Toolbar (of any kind)

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus applications can conflict with one another, so you should make sure you only have one installed. You can have multiple anti-malware applications installed, but only one anti-virus application.

For example, you can have CCleaner, MalwareBytes, and McAfee VirusScan installed at the same time because CCleaner and MalwareBytes are both anti-malware applications, and McAfee VirusScan is an anti-virus application.

On the other hand, you should not have both McAfee VirusScan and Norton Anti-Virus installed because they are both anti-virus products.

Remove Unwanted Programs

To remove unwanted programs in Windows 10, do the following:

  1. Type 'Add or Remove Programs' into Windows search bar on the bottom-left. Click the result Add or Remove Programs to open the list of applications you can remove.
  2. Look for any unwanted applications. Refer to the list above for some examples of unwanted software. There are a plethora of programs that are disguised as helpful tools such as “Windows Update Assistant”, “Install Flash”, etc. It is useful to make note of the “Microsoft Corporation” moniker below the app, this lets you know it is an official Microsoft application. Be sure not to delete important software such as drivers, which are essential for your computer’s performance.
  3. To remove an application, select it and then click Uninstall.
  4. After removing unwanted programs, restart your computer

Needing Assistance?

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