Requesting an Email Alias for Apple IDs on ISU Owned Apple Devices

Last modified 2/14/2022

What is an Email Alias for your Apple ID?

An email alias will allow you to manage an Apple device and Apple application purchases without directly linking ownership of the device to the users email address.

Application Payment and Ownership

Who pays for an app is a University/Department/Area choice. If an individual user pays for the application, they should do so with a personal Apple ID. They will pay tax on the purchase, they will forever own the app, and they have the ability within Appleā€™s restrictions to transfer to another device as they choose.

If Illinois State University pays for the app, they should do so with an AppleID that relates to an ISU email alias.

Apple IDs

Each Apple ID has to be associated with a valid email address. There is a one to one relationship between an App Title and an Apple ID EXCEPT in the licensing scenario where one app belongs to one Apple ID. Any ISU purchased app should be associated with an identified alias. An email alias can be requested using following format:

The alias could be associated with an individual or a title or a function.

Examples: - rredbir is the ULID - A Generic ID for all computers in one lab - Based on the title of a position.

Care should be taken when initially creating the AppleID on the Apple website to deselect an active credit card.

An alias can go to one or more email accounts and the Standard Request Form should be used:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the Get Help button.
  3. Complete the contact information fields.

In the Description field, indicate you are requesting an email alias for an Apple ID. Please include the name and email address of the individual who will be using the Apple ID and the desired email alias format as seen in the examples above.

Still Having Problems?

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