Present using the Kramer VIA Wireless Desktop Sharing Tool

Last modified 9/19/2023

Kramer Via, the wireless desktop sharing tool available across campus in multiple conference spaces. Assumptions for use include having the Kramer Via software installed on the device used to present the desktop and for that device to be connected to ISU’s wireless network (ISUNET).

You can download Kramer Via Software Center on your ISU device, or here.

How to Present using Kramer VIA:

To share your desktop using the Kramer Via software, do the following:

  1. Ensure wireless is turned on and that you are connected to ISUNet.
  2. Click the Start Menu Windows Start Menu and navigate to the VIA Desktop App (Figure 1).
    2a. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Search Tool in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop and search for VIA Desktop App.

    Figure 1:
    VIA Desktop App from Start Menu Search
  3. Ensure that the device you are presenting to has the Kramer Via splash page displayed - It may take a couple seconds for the page to display if you switch input sources.
  4. Enter the Room Name that is posted for that conference space. It typically appears on the conference room display page listed as an IP address. Include the dots between the numbers in the name (e.g.,
  5. Nick Name will be your Participant name on the screen. You may change from the default nick name if you wish.
  6. Enter the Code for the conference space (also listed on the conference room display (e.g., 6671) (Figure 2).

    Figure 2:
    VIA login page
  7. A control ribbon will appear on your laptop. Click Present and your laptop will be available on the screen (See Figure 3).

    Figure 3:
    clicking on Present
  8. Features will enable other sharing, chatting, and collaboration tools.
  9. Participants will allow you to see everyone connected to that session (if multiple people are connected and sharing).
  10. As participates join, the projection screen will split to accommodate the additional presenters - There is a maximum number of presenters available depending on the Kramer display model.
  11. Click Stop Presenting to quit displaying, or close the Via desktop application.

Needing Assistance?

For Technical Assistance, Submit a Help Ticket, or contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357 or by email at