Adobe Creative Cloud System Requirements

Last modified 5/13/2022

Before you use or install any of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications you should ensure that your desktop, laptop, or mobile device meets the minimum system requirements. Since there are some web-based applications, there are also browser requirements.

The images in the figures listed in this article are from the official Adobe website and can be accessed at the following link: Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements


Active Students are eligible to receive the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite at no cost during their time here at the University. If you have not yet requested access to the Creative Cloud Suite, you will need to fill out the Request Form to do so. Once you have received a response from your submitted form informing you that you can access and download the suite, you will need to allow for 1-2 hours for your Adobe license to be applied. If you attempt to access the suite prior to your Adobe license being established, you will be notified that you only have access to the Trial Version. 

Browser Requirements

Creative Cloud websites are designed to work best with the latest versions of Internet browsers. They may not have full functionality or work at all on older browsers that are not up to date.

Computer Requirements

Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to download all applications from the Creative Cloud Suite, or just the ones you will be using. Because of this, each application will have different system requirements.
To see the requirements for specific applications you will be using (See Figures 1-3), visit the following Adobe Systems Requirements website at:, then click on the application that you want to download to see that applications system requirements.

Figure 1: Example Adobe Acrobat DC

List of Adobe Apps linking to System Requirements

Figure 2: Example of requirements for Adobe Acrobat using Windows

System Requirements for Acrobat Pro DC

Required Minimum Operating System Requirements To Use The Creative Cloud Desktop Application

Per the image from the official Adobe website in Figure 3, please note the required minimum operating system requirements to use Creative Cloud.

Figure 3: Minimum operating system requirements

Image of a table listing the operating system requirements for using Creative Cloud

Mobile Requirements

Adobe Mobile Apps system requirements can be found in their product pages in your phone via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Need Help?

Adobe has their own support website, including troubleshooting tips, tutorials and more. To access the Adobe Help Center, navigate to

If you are having trouble logging in, or need additional help not covered at the Adobe Help CenterSubmit a Help Ticket, or contact the Technology Support Center by calling (309) 438-4357, or by email at

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