Request the Creation of a Team for Microsoft Teams

Last modified 9/18/2023

Staff or faculty may request the creation of a Team for Microsoft Teams at Students are not eligible to make a request for a Microsoft Team.

To request the creation of a Team for Microsoft Teams, the following steps will need to be taken:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click Submit Detailed Request.
  3. Log in with your ULID and Password if prompted.
  4. Click the Tab for Microsoft 365 and Web.
  5. Click the option to Request Microsoft 365 Resources for Group or Team.
  6. Fill in a Preferred Phone number.
  7. Under the heading Request Microsoft 365 Resources for a Group or Team, click the radial button next to Group/Team.
  8. Click Add in the drop-down next to the question Would you like to add, modify, or remove?
  9. Enter the ULID of the requested Team owner in the box next to the question Who is the owner of this shared resource? and then press TAB on your keyboard.
  10. Enter the name of the Team or Group you would like to display in Teams within the box under Please enter a preferred display name and hit TAB.
  11. Answer Does your group need to have an email address other than the following address?
  12. Fill in the box Please describe your Group and its purpose with the requested information.
  13. Select Yes when answering the question Do you wish to have an Office 365 Team enabled for your group.
  14. Select the appropriate type of Team that applies to you. You can select Teams for Classes or Teams for Anyone.
  15. Select Yes or No for the question Do you wish to have a planner enabled for your group?
  16. Answer the question What type of access should your Group have? You can select Public or Private.
  17. Fill in any additional information or comments in the final box and click Save near the top right corner of the form.

Your request will be processed, and you will be notified through your Illinois State email address once your request has been fulfilled.

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