ReggieNet is in Read Only Status

Last modified 12/14/2023

Canvas is Illinois State University's Learning Management System (LMS) beginning with the Fall 2023 semester. As part of that transition, the former LMS, ReggieNet, is now in a "read only" state. Instructors may access and retrieve materials from ReggieNet, but cannot edit them. Following are the details on what is and is not possible with ReggieNet in read only status.

ReggieNet has been Decommissioned

As of 12/1/2023, ReggieNet is offline and unavailable.

Read Only Status

No Fall 2023 courses have been created in ReggieNet, and all past courses have been unpublished. To aid in the transition to Canvas, instructors will retain access to past courses in ReggieNet for a portion of the Fall 2023 semester. Students no longer have access to ReggieNet.

In read only status, instructors may:

  • view materials in past courses
  • download materials from past courses

Activities disabled in read only status include the following:

  • edit materials in past courses
  • republish a course
  • add students to a course

ReggieNet Decommissioning - Timeline

Part of the process of moving to Canvas is the careful decommissioning of ReggieNet. A year-long effort to ensure all needed course content is migrated out of ReggieNet prior to its final decommissioning concludes in late 2023.

8/18/23 - all ReggieNet courses unpublished and put into read only status

11/1/23 - final date for instructors to request a course to be migrated from ReggieNet to Canvas

11/30/23 - ReggieNet becomes completely unavailable, with no option for retrieval of course content

Additional Resources

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Request a Course Migration 

Backup your ReggieNet Data

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, Submit a Help Ticket or contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, by email at, or by Live Chat at

For instructional assistance, you may contact the Center for Integrated Professional Development by phone (309) 438-2542, or email at