Submit Multiple Assignment Submissions in Canvas (Student)

Last modified 8/4/2023

A professor may set an assignment in Canvas to accept multiple submission attempts. Multiple submission attempts are when a student submits multiple documents for one assignment. 

How to Submit Multiple Attempts for One Assignment

  1. In Canvas, navigate to the assignment into which you will be uploading multiple documents.  

  2. Select the Start Assignment button.
    Image of Start Assignment button

  3. Submit the assignment using the method chosen by your professor.

    Image of File Upload tab

  4. After submitting your first attempt, return to the assignment. The Start Assignment button is now labelled New Attempt.

     Image of New Attempt button

  5. Select the New Attempt button and submit the next document by following step #3. 

  6. If the professor does not allow multiple attempts, you will still see the New Attempt button, but it will be grayed out (inactive). 

    Image of inactive New Attempt button

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