Favoriting a Course in Canvas

Last modified 8/18/2023

Favoriting a course will make the course easier to access and have them appear at the top of your dashboard providing easier access and a faster shortcut to the course. 


The system will automatically display on the dashboard the courses that you are teaching (for instructors) or enrolled in (for students) for the current semester. Once you favorite a course, the system will not make those changes for you and you will need to update your courses each semester manually. If you favorite one course, you will need to favorite all other courses you wish to appear in your dashboard. For that reason, favoriting is not recommended.

To favorite a course, open your course list from the Course tab on the sidebar. 

Once you are in the All Courses menu, click on the star icon to favorite the course. 

If a course is already favorited its star will be filled in with color. 


A maximum of twenty courses is allowed to be favorited. After twenty are selected, Canvas will choose twenty random courses for display. 

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