Reopen Canvas Exam for a Single Student

Last modified 11/9/2023

When an instructor reopens an exam in Canvas for a single student, Canvas will clear the grades of the exam for the rest of the class. This occurs when the user editing the exam replaces the "Everyone" in the Assign to field with the single student. This removes the assignment date for the rest of the students, which tells Canvas that the assignment is no longer assigned to "Everyone". As a result, Canvas clears their grades. 

This issue is resolved by adding a second assignment date for "Everyone Else" with the original open (Available from), close (Until), and due (Due) dates. The grades are immediately restored in the gradebook (Grades). 

Assign to field with Reggie Redbird and his Due, Available from, and Until dates. A second Assign to field with Everyone Else is displayed with Due, Available from, and Until dates.

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