Creating a Syllabus

Last modified 8/4/2023

For an overview of all assignments and events in your course and to provide an overview of course requirements, click the Syllabus link in Course Navigation. The Syllabus page displays three sections: the description, the sidebar, and the course summary.

You can edit the description to include course requirements, provide links to additional resources, and include other important information about the course. To edit the description, click the Edit button and edit content using the Rich Content Editor. By default, the Course Summary is enabled. To hide the Course Summary, uncheck the Show Course Summary checkbox. To publish the updated syllabus, click the Update Syllabus button.

The Course Summary section displays a list of all course assignments and events. You can change assignment and event dates using the Assignments or Calendar links, or you can click the event or assignment name in the Course Summary list to access and modify the item. Any date changes are automatically updated in the Syllabus.

The sidebar displays the course calendar and a breakdown of the course’s assignment group weights, if assignments are weighted. Dates highlighted on the calendar indicate event and assignment due dates in the course. Hover over or click the highlighted course calendar date to view the corresponding assignment or event in the Course Summary. Similarly, hovering over a title in the course summary list highlights the item date in the calendar.

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