Cognos Training

Last modified 5/10/2024

Several training sessions are available to new and existing Cognos users. Links to sign up for training courses can be found on the Enterprise Data & Analytics website.

  • Student Records Training - This instructor-led course will explain the data that is currently available in the Records and Enrollment package (also referred to as Student Records), discuss data security, explain how to request access, and view the reports that are currently available in Cognos. Attending this training is REQUIRED for access to the Records and Enrollment reports.
  • Budget Center Training - This instructor-led course will explain and demonstrate the new Budget Center and all of its three parts.
    • Topics include: Changes to My.IllinoisState, the new Transfer Center application, basic understanding of the data reporting tool, Cognos, navigating Cognos, understanding the reports and information available in reports, and viewing dashboards.
  • Admissions Training - This instructor-led course demonstrates how to use Cognos to view and modify reports in the Admissions package and view a Dashboard.
    • Topics include: Navigating Cognos, understanding what packages/reports are available, modifying reports, exporting reports, and viewing a dashboard. Attending training does not guarantee that access will be approved.


Attending training does not guarantee that access will be approved.

How to Get Help

Technical assistance is available through the Illinois State University Technology Support Center at: