Zoom Video Conferencing Accessibility

Last modified 1/3/2022

Zoom Video Conferencing tool offers accessibility features to help you facilitate your class or meeting online.

Features include:

Learn about Zoom Accessibility

Tips for Presenting on Zoom

  • Be careful of "this," "that," and "over there" language, instead use descriptive language when speaking
  • Describe what is visually on the screen or presentation slide, include slide numbers
  • Make presentation slides and other documents available for download

Share Cloud Recording Videos and Audio Transcripts from Zoom

For asynchronous videos, hosts can provide time coded transcripts after a meeting is complete via cloud recording. The links to these videos and files are only available for 30 days after the meeting is closed. Learn how to View and Share Cloud Recording Transcript in Zoom.

Caption ReggieNet videos using Zoom Recording

Zoom offers the ability to create a caption (.vtt) file. You can use this caption file to add closed captions to uploaded ReggieNet videos.

Create Auto-Captions with Zoom and PowerPoint

Zoom in combination with an Office 365 PowerPoint presentation (the online version only) can produce open captioned videos or a live captioned a lecture/meeting. Learn how in the  Recording Captioned Lecture Videos with PowerPoint and Zoom  tutorial.