Using Automatic Subtitles and Captions with Office 365 PowerPoint

Last modified 2/16/2022

You improve your next presentation by using use Office 365 (online version only) PowerPoint presentation with live auto-generated subtitles and captions. Make sure your presentation is available on Office 365 PowerPoint. If not, import your presentation.

Step 1: Open Office 365 PowerPoint

In a web browser, log into your Office 365 account and open the PowerPoint app. Choose the presentation you want to share.

Step 2: Select Slide Show

In the presentation editor, select the Slide Show link.

Screenshot of Office 365 tool ribbon with Slide Show option circled.

Step 3: Choose Always Use Subtitles

Under the Slide Show tool, choose the Always Use Subtitles option. You can select one of many language subtitles.

Screenshot of the Slide Show tools with Always Use Subtitles option circled.

 Step 4: Select From Beginning

Select the From Beginning option. This will open the slide show in full screen presentation mode. 

Screenshot of the Slide Show Option with From the Beginning link.

Step 5: Begin Speaking

Begin speaking. Captions will appear below the slide. Be sure to speak clearly into the microphone to help with accuracy of the auto-generated captions.