Live Transcripts in Zoom Meetings

Last modified 1/10/2023

Zoom now has an add-on which allows meeting hosts  to enable live transcription  for all meeting participants. This option is enabled by default on all Illinois State accounts. The current license for allows for 600 free minutes every calendar month. Hosts will need to start the Auto-Transcription at the beginning of each meeting where Live Transcript is used. 

Start Live Auto-Transcription in a Meeting

Step 1: Start Meeting

Start your Zoom meeting as a host.

Step 2: Select Live Transcript

Select the Live Transcript option. Choose Enable Auto-Transcription from the menu.

Show captions button

Select a language. 

Select a langauge image

The text "Live Transcript ON" will appear on your screen as a caption.

Who can see this transcript button

Step 3: Open full Transcription window

To open the transcript window, select the carrot to the right of Live Transcript option. From the list of options, choose View Full Transcript.

View full transcript option

The Transcript window will open on your screen. Before the meeting closes, hosts and participants can save a copy if the transcript by selecting the Save Transcript button at the bottom of the Transcript window.

 Example of live captioning feature full

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