Enabling Audio Transcription in Zoom

Last modified 9/21/2023

Use the Audio Transcript option to automatically transcribe the audio of a recorded meeting after the meeting is complete. This is available for Cloud Recorded videos only. After the video processing is done, the transcript appears as a separate .vtt text file in the list of recorded meetings.

Note: .vtt text files can be added to videos in Canvas to caption them.

Step 1. Sign In

Sign into the Zoom web portal.

Step 2. Navigate to Settings

Navigate to the Settings option on the left side of the screen.

Screenshot of Zoom options with Settings option selected.

Step 3. Select the Recording Tab

Navigate to and select the Recording tab.

Sreenshot of Zoom settings with Recording Tab selected.

Step 4. Check Audio Transcript

Under the Recording tab, navigate to Cloud Recording options. Under the Advanced Cloud Recording Settings, check the Audio Transcript check box to enable the Audio Transcript feature. Choose the Save button.

Screenshot of the Advanced Cloud Recording options with Audio Transcript check box highlighted.

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