Last modified 5/4/2022

Headings help people scan your content more efficiently. Headings, also known as paragraph styles, are much more than big bold titles on a page. They work to provide a solid functional structure and a logical outline to your webpage, app or digital document.

Heading Organization

Organizing your digital content with a heading structure helps people get a sense of organization.  It is crucial for the structure to be portrayed both in a visual and technical manner, so the organization can be viewed as well as allowing screen reading technology to be able to identity the structure as it reads it out loud. To help improve searchability, try to begin your headings with keywords.

Headings should be used in a hierarchical manner. In most cases, there should be one Heading 1 per page (some digital documents may have more than one Heading 1). Headings 2 and beyond are nested underneath their respective Heading 1.  In the example below, the main heading is titled Types of Assistive Technology.  Beneath that is Heading 2 titled Vision and a Heading 3 titled Screen Reading Software.

Example from a page with three heading levels.