Edit Headings in Omni Campus CMS

Last modified 11/9/2021

Step 1. Open Page

Open the page you want to update in OU Campus.

Step 2. Choose Edit Buttons

Choose the Edit Button with a pencil icon located at the top left of the menu options.

 Screenshot of Omni Campus menu options.

In the section you wish to update, select the Edit Button (green with pencil icon) to open the editor tool.

Screenshot of Omni Campus page with green edit button and pencil icon.

Step 3. Enter or Update Text

Add or edit your text.

Step 4. Organize Heading Levels

Organize headings in a nested order according to topics and subtopics. Heading 1 is the broadest topic. In most cases, a web page has only one Heading 1, though some exceptions exist. OU campus has six heading levels available to choose from. Heading levels 2-6 are for sub and minor topics to be used as needed.

Note: If your instinct to make the text larger and bolder, it may need to be formatted as a heading.

Example of formatted Heading Levels 1-6

Step 5. Select Format

From the editor tools, select the format option box.

Screenshot of format option box menu showing Paragraph, Address, Preformatted, Heading 1 and Heading 2.

A list of text format options will open.

Select the option that best fits your needs. Any text that is not specially formatted is considered "paragraph" text.

Step 6. Save and Publish

Once you are done adding or editing your page content. Choose the Save button from the editor tools and then select the Publish button in the top right corner of the screen.

Publish Button.