Knowledge Base Templates

Last modified 6/7/2022

When creating knowledge articles and page layouts it is important to provide all information they need in an easy to follow format. The templates below will assist you with organizing information:

Creating new articles/page layouts

You must be logged in and have edit access. If you want to quickly create a blank page, hit the Create button in the header. If you want to create a page from a template, follow the steps below instead:

  1. Click ... next to Create (Figure 1)
  2. Select the Space. (Figure 2)
  3. Select the How To, Overview, or Known Error, or Page Layouts template.
  4. Click Create to open the editor and begin writing.

Figure 1:

Example 1



The Knowledge Base Standards provides Information on the Office of Technology Solutions Knowledge and Training recommended formatting of articles.

Still Need Assistance?

For guidance on creating your knowledge article, contact the Technology Solutions Knowledge and Training team at