Information Security

Report an Incident

Last modified 6/20/2023

If you believe there has been an information security incident, you should report it to the Information Security Office (

Suspicious Email

If you received a suspicious email to your Illinois State University email address, please report the email as detailed in the How To Report Phishing article.

Suspicious emails can range from generic phishing attempts to more targeted efforts to steal institutional data or install malicious software.

Suspicious Software

If you believe there is suspicious software on your University-owned computer, please report it to your direct support team.

If you believe there is suspicious software on your personal computer, you can also work with the Technology Support Center (309-438-HELP, to address it.

Other Issues

If you believe there is something else that you would like to report to the Information Security Office, please send an email to

While the ISO would like to assist our campus community with all of their information security issues, we will prioritize those that pertain to University systems and data over those of a personal nature. We recommend contacting the Technology Support Center (309-438-HELP, when an issue is with personal data and devices.