Defining Language in Adobe Acrobat

Last modified 11/16/2023

Setting the language for a document plays a crucial role in enhancing web accessibility, it helps assistive technologies accurately interpret and present content. You can designate the default language for the entire document as well as for specific sections where language transitions occur.

Set a Default Language

You can set the default language for the entire document from the Document Properties dialog. Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose the correct language under Reading Options.

Screenshot of the Document Properties dialog with default language set to English.

Change the Language for an individual tag

Should the document change language in the middle. Make sure all the same language is tagged together. You can use the create tag from selection feature to do this. Once your content is together, right click on the corresponding tag in the accessibility tags tree. Choose Properties from the menu. Om the Tag tab, select the new language.

The object properties dialog open with language changes to corresponding language in document. In this case French.