Adding Auto-generated Captions to Facebook Videos

Last modified 2/18/2022

Facebook is able to auto-generate captions for videos uploaded through their desktop browser application. This feature is currently not available for mobile video uploads. Be sure to check your captions and make any edits necessary before publishing.

Step 1. Choose Video Language

Choose the video language for the captions. The Video language is the main language spoken in the captions.


Step 2. Auto-generate

Select Auto-generate button.

Screenshot of Subtitles and Captions (CC) screen showing generating captions in English.

Step 3. Open Captions Editor

Select the Pencil Icon to open the Captions Editor.

Screenshot of Captions Added section with a check mark noting auto-generated captions pending publishing are done, with a pencil icon (to open editor) and a close button.

Step 4. Edit Captions

In the Captions Editor, edit captions as needed. Be sure to check spelling of people and places and use proper punctuation. For more information on formatting captions, check out our Captions Overview. To edit caption text, place the cursor in the text on the right side of the screen. Once complete, select Save Draft Button at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of Captions Editor with cursor place in the text of the caption ready to edit the text.

Step 5. Choose Default Language

Set a default caption language in case the user's preferred caption language isn't available. Select Next button.
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