Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning is a Learning Tool Integration (LTI) available at Illinois State University for use with Canvas.

Available Support for LTI's**

Instructors choosing to use any particular Learning Tool Integration in Canvas should be aware that limited technical support is available. In most cases, ISU technical support has no access to these tools and may not able to troubleshoot any issue beyond the following:

  • Where to locate the tool within Canvas
  • Browser issues
    • Clear cache
    • Update/switch browsers

In most cases, issues that cannot be resolved by one of the above actions will require the instructor to contact the vendor for assistance with the tool.

**Instructors are responsible for ensuring all course materials used in their courses meet accessibility requirements.

What is Wiley Efficient Learning?

The Wiley Efficient Learning platform offers access to online learning tools and content from a catalog of preconfigured lessons in a variety of subjects, including practice exercises, quiz questions, flashcards, and study texts, to enhance your lessons. 

How do I Enable Wiley Efficient Learning LTI in My Canvas Course?

The Wiley Efficient Learning LTI is not available globally in Canvas. Please follow steps below to enable the LTI:

  1. Instructors will need to select the Wiley Efficient Learning content they are interested in and reach out to the LTI publisher, UWorld, at
  2. UWorld will deliver a Canvas cartridge that contains LTI links along with the LTI app, key, and secret.
  3. The instructor will follow the directions provided by the vendor to configure the LTI in their Canvas course(s).

How to Get Help

  • For technical assistance, Submit a Help Ticket or contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, by email at, or by Live Chat at
  • For technical assistance with Wiley Efficient Learning, you may contact the vendor at their website: Wiley Efficient Learning. Contact information for the vendor may be accessed by clicking Contact from the menu at the top of the website.
  • For instructional assistance, you may contact the Center for Integrated Professional Development by phone (309) 438-2542, or email at